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Deafblind Child Count FAQ 2016

Deafblind Child Count FAQ 2016

Brent Pitt, Director Sensory Impairments with TEA answers Frequently Asked Questions about the Deafblind Child Count.

Click the Chapters button above to view individual segments:
- Definition of Deafblindness
- Benefit of Deafblind label
- Does Deafblind = More Services?
- Why Deafblind for Mild Impairments?
- List Deafblind as Primary Disability?
- Deafblind Info for Parents
- Report Deafblind If FIE Not Complete?
- Why We Need This Data
- Contact Info for Questions

Click the Resources button for a Transcript (txt) and Audio (mp3).


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Date Added: 16 Nov 2016
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